Oil well casing scraper, well casing equipment, oil well casing equipment by DM Best Company.
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  Best Oiltool Casing ScraperThe BEST OIL TOOL CASING SCRAPER removes all mill scale, burrs, cement sheath, mud cake and any foreign matter from the inside wall of the casing forming a perfectly smooth and clean surface for the proper seating of packers. The number and the width of the scraping blades is so arranged that the tool scrapes 360 (full circumference) of the casing while being lowered into the well bore without the necessity of rotating if so desired. The scraper may also be run immediately above the bit while drilling out plugs.

The tool can be described as a two row, six to eight blade type. It is the simplest and most rugged scraper of its type available. These scrapers are manufactured from the highest quality alloy steel, properly heat treated. The blades are hard faced with tool steel and precision ground to fit the internal contour of the casing.


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